Luke Vigeant, Co-Founder & CEO Inkblot Therapy

Innovation in Workplace Mental Health Through Tech Solutions

Kareem South MPH Candidate ’21, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Mental Health in Sports & Community Development

Marcus Knecht, Retired Professional Baseball Player

Mental Health in Sports

Mike Stroh, MA, RP (Qualifying)

How to Create Mentally Healthy Teams that are Connected, Effective, and Purpose Driven

Celese Fletcher, CHRE

Defining Organizational Well-Being & Navigating Structural Change

Dr. Ellen Choi, PhD

Mindfulness & Leadership in the Workplace

Sean Raible

Global Total Rewards, Mental Health & HR Operations Consultant

James Gardiner, MSc., CAT(C), CSCS

Performance Wellness in Sports

Debbie Lang Pearmain

Leadership Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Jamal Campbell, OL Toronto Argonauts 

Mental Health in Sports

Jamie Lee Rattray, Professional Hockey Player

Performance Wellness in Sports

Matthew Arnone, Professional Soccer Player

Performance Wellness in Sports

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