Ruth just completed her first year as an honours student in Business Administration and Political Studies at Trent University. She is a peer supporter for her fellow students, a member of her college cabinet, and she competes for the Trent rowing team. She is also currently the head counsellor at Power4teens a youth empowerment camp. Her goal to become Canada’s first black Prime Minister is what propels her to overcome the obstacles that come in her way. Ruth did not think much about mental health until her anxiety became unbearable. For her entire life people would just tell her to “stop worrying”, but this time was different. At the end of grade 12, she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Despite this, she graduated from the Dance Department at Etobicoke School of Arts. Since then, Ruth has taken an active role in maintaining good mental health. She dedicates time to meditation, counselling, physical activity, and self-care. Ruth chooses to share her story in the hope that it will create a safe space for others to talk about mental health and mental health illnesses.