Morning Guided Meditations (30-min)

Daily at 8:00am ET

Session Details

Begin your day with ease, focus and insight with a 30 minute guided meditation, led by these meditation teachers!

  • Tuesday, May 4th – Paul Baranowski will guide you to begin your day with clarity
  • Wednesday, May 5th – Jennifer Grant will help you discover curiosity and courage
  • Thursday, May 6th – Mike Stroh will inspire your creativity
  • Friday, May 7th – Reza Zahouri will spark your compassion

How to implement best practices in workplace mental health

Daily at 11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

Session Details

In these sessions, you will learn about a variety of best practices that can transform your workplace and begin creating mentally healthy teams that are connected, effective and purpose driven. Our goal is to help you simplify the complex landscape of workplace mental health and clarify how business leaders can conceptualize and implement strategies to meet the needs of our modern workplace. Toggle Content

Tuesday, May 4 | What does a workplace mental health strategy look like? How can we implement a plan?

In today’s economy, many companies are now charged with caring not only for the physical health of their employees but also their mental well-being. Current training for HR people in workplace mental health strategies is insufficient or non-existent. As a result, those charged with handling these issues lack the training required to create excellent outcomes for the organization and its employees.

Ultimately, companies face these problems:

  • Work quality suffers because of mental health issues.
  • The workplace cannot effectively manage mental health problems.
  • Leadership lacks the effective knowledge and training to integrate psychological safety & well-being into the organizational structure.

The national standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace set the foundation to help improve the mental health of the Canadian workforce. In this session, Mike Stroh will discuss why he thinks the standard has not gained traction within the Canadian workplace. He will present the Starts With Me 5’C program—How to create mentally healthy teams that are connected, effective, and purpose driven. It is an inviting method that blends the purpose of the national standard and leverages the particular competences and qualities of each workplace. Ultimately, we want workplaces to encourage individuals to increase their capacity for wellbeing and resilience.

Mike Stroh, MACP, RP Qualifying

Festival Founder & Director 

Wednesday, May 5 | Employee Engagement
The last year has been challenging for all Canadian businesses as employee mental health has been impacted like never before. The topic of engagement has had to take a back seat as businesses focus on survival and supporting mental health and people’s basic needs. We are now a year in and the focus needs to shift to resiliency efforts and finding new ways to keep employees engaged, motivated and committed while working remotely. In this session we will discuss:   

  • Current engagement statistics
  • Engagement defined
  • Benefits to engagement
  • Engagement drivers
  • Building and maintaining trust
  • Building and sustaining motivation
  • Keeping employees connected to the team and company
  • How Managers can support employees


Debbie Pearmain | One Stop HR


Thursday, May 6 | Top 5 hidden opportunities to go beyond training

This session is designed to help HR professionals in supporting their organizations mental health strategies by going beyond just offering training. Learn the top 5 hidden opportunities (from benefits to how to integrate with your EDI strategy) that must be in your plan, will be welcomed by your C-Suite, and will truly allow your organization to show up for its employees and their families.

Sean Raible | Gameplan Total Rewards

Case Studies: Innovative Practices in Workplace Mental Health

Daily at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

Session Details

These sessions explore the implementation of innovative practices from different perspectives and positions of influence in workplace mental health. From HR leaders, startup founders, CEO’s and marketing teams, we learn how some organizations are leading the way in how to conceptualize, develop, and implement novel ways of improving workplace mental health.

Tuesday, May 4 | Innovative approaches to employee and community engagement

In this session, Tim Masson Chief Steward & CEO at The Ian Martin Group along with colleague Carla Tancredi will share their beautiful story of connecting over mental health and how the impact of sharing that story with the company.  The other speakers are Tim Lytle, Community Manager for Arc’teryx Toronto, Madhu Nagaraja and Rachel Sklar two Arc’teryx community ambassadors will share how they have approached providing opportunities and solutions to the emergent challenge of workplace mental health and how community engagement extends to “Outer Peace”.




Community Marketing Manager

at Acr’teryx Equipment

Tim Lytle 



Ultra Runner &

Community Ambassador Arc’teryx, Rachel Sklar



Madhu Nagaraja, Long Distance Swimmer,

Ultra Marathon Runner, Arc’teryx Community Ambassador



Chief Steward & CEO at The Ian Martin Group

Tim Masson



Carla Tancredi, Recruitment Specialist at the Ian Martin Group

Wednesday, May 5 | Untying the knots: resolving mental stress in the transportation sector

Celese Fletcher, Certified Human Resource Executive, will share a case study of working with a large organization to implement a compelling wellbeing strategy. She will detail the process, the challenges, the successes, and what she sees as a potential path forward to improve workplace mental health. 

Celese works with senior leaders, management, employees and unions to create productive workplaces. She conducts workplace investigations, resolving workplace disruption and by leading the change through strategic planning and organizational design.


Celese Fletcher, CHRE 

The Fletcher Consultancy


Thursday, May 6 | Mindfulness & leadership in the workplace, exploring the research and best practices

What are we missing when we’re not present? What would be possible if we transcended power struggles towards a clear and united purpose? What would we pursue if we could tame the self-doubt that holds us back? What decisions would we make if we were not racing through our day with cortisol pumping out of our every pore?

Imagine a workplace where people are kind, happy, focused, and highly productive.  One where teams are built on trust, respect, and authenticity  rather than ego, politics, and power moves.  Peak organizational performance is greatly hindered by social friction and individual agendas but a mindful workplace creates a set of possibilities that is truly remarkable. 

My research and training have shown me what is possible when we are truly present at work.  When we begin with a practice of self-awareness and self-mastery, true transformation emerges that inevitably impacts the team, and the wider organization. When we can identify and embrace our own discomfort, stress and anxiety begin to hold less power over us. Learning to care properly for ourselves enables us to lead, deepen our relationships, and live more meaningful lives.

Dr. Ellen Choi

CLOSING PANEL MAY 7, 1pm – 2pm​ ET

Session Details | “Where do we go from here?”

Our closing panel consists of a variety of expertise and wisdom. We will try to do our best to answer the question, 

“Where do we go from here?”





Atin Gupta 

CEO & Co-Founder Accountable



Celese Fletcher, CHRE



Luke Vigeant 
CEO & Co-Founder of Inkblott





Eric Bulmash

Director, People and Culture, Nicola Wealth


Mike Stroh, MACP

Festival Founder & Director




Host | Sean Raible

Panel Discussions: Brave Conversations

Daily at 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm ET

Panel Details

Over the past five years, there has been a lot of talk and promotion surrounding the value of improved mental health in the workplace. The question we want to understand is—why are things not getting better? And, how do we move from talking into action?

To progress we need to move beyond slogans and nice sounding awareness campaigns and toward a more compassionate, honest, responsible, and self-aware workplace environment. These panels inquire into the complexity of our minds and how that relates to our mental health in the workplace. We will also explore potential solutions, strategies, and the next steps we can take in the short, medium, and long-term.

Tuesday, May 4 | What stands in the way of implementing mentally healthy workplaces?

Mike Stroh, Debbie Pearmain, and Sean Raible discuss their perspectives on the barriers and challenges facing workplaces and employees, including how to implement effective and noticeable changes to the workplace mental health landscape.



Debbie Pearmain



Sean Raible


Mike Stroh, MACP

Wednesday, May 5 | Navigating team conflict, having difficult conversations, and resolution skills

Keri Topping, Sr HR Leader, Amazon Web Services Sales & Marketing Canada, Celese Fletcher CHRE, and Aileen Crown, MSW, CMF, ACC will discuss these difficult situations and provide their wisdom and insights on how to navigate these difficult situations. 





Keri Topping, Sr HR Leader, Amazon Web Services Sales & Marketing Canada


Aileen Crown, MSW, CMF, ACC


Celese Fletcher, CHRE 

The Fletcher Consultancy

Thursday, May 6 | Learning from Mental Health in Sports

Just as we see an increase in mental health struggles across Canada, it is also a serious concern for our athletes and the organizations and communities that support them.

During this brave discussion, you will learn impactful strategies on how to meet the resistance to having these types of tough conversations in the locker room and in the corporate meeting room.

Learn through these athletes how to identify the warning signs and symptoms of deteriorating mental health and patterns of addictive behaviour at your organization:




Kareem South


Marcus Knecht



James Gardiner

Daily Inspiration: Transformative Stories and Essential Teachings

Daily at 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm ET

Session Details

Learn from our inspiring speakers about their trials, tribulations, triumphs and how they’ve transformed their experience to help others do the same!

Tuesday, May 4 | Jamal Campbell OL Toronto Argonauts | Well-being in Sports

A big man with an even bigger heart and a smile that lights up a room, Jamal’s community-first approach to life has proven successful in the locker room amongst teammates, coaches and personnel, and has provided connection and support to the Jane and Finch neighbourhood and beyond: from Turkey Day with the Argos, to his feature in the book Knew Me, to the creation of People 4 People–an action-based campaign to help the homeless in the midst of the pandemic. 

Sport has served Jamal’s mental health and well-being well beyond the field of play. Learn from Jamal’s experience–how focusing his energy to serve those around him has supported his own well-being and impacted his life. 

Wednesday, May 5 | Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold | Racism, Mindfulness, and the Workplace

 How do we bring our awareness to racism in the workplace and address it from a compassionate and authentic leadership approach? 

Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold

Thursday, May 6 | Amy Saltzman, M.D. | Mindfulness in the Workplace and On The Playing Field

In this interactive session, Amy Saltzman M.D, mindfulness expert and author of numerous books includingA Still Quiet Place for Athletes: Mindfulness Skills for achieving Peak Performance and Finding Flow in Sports and in Life will share powerful practices for dealing with intense feelings and distracting or negative thoughts, strengthening resilience, and developing the ability to respond compassionately rather than react critically in crucial moments.

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